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"We're gonna need a bigger boat!" -Sheriff Brody (Jaws)

A couple years back, my husband Greg came up to me one day and said, "Ya know, if you don't do something with these beads and stuff... we're gonna need a bigger house!"

Over the years my collecting had gotten a little out of hand. The beads, costume jewelry, components, findings, and cabs were really piling up. I had always had lots of ideas for them. Maybe I'll start making my own Jewelry. Open a store. Craft shows. And on, and on, and on... But life got busy and now I had a mountain of beads! What to do?
I figured that at the very least, I could sell some of the excess stuff I had.... as much as it hurt to do so! Maybe make a few dollars for Christmas or Birthdays. I had sold on eBay before but was tired of that scene. Then I heard of Etsy and figured I would check it out. I loved what I saw! So, I threw up a couple items... then a couple more... and a couple more after that. And it grew from there! Greg now handles all the organizing and shipping. Thank god for that... because that leaves time for hunting down more Yummy Treasures!!!
Happy Beading!
-Beth, Greg, and Zac

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